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Scottish Windfarm Bird Steering Group

The Scottish Wind farm Bird Steering Group (SWBSG) has been formed to examine the relationship between bird populations and wind farms, and to act as a platform for dialogue between the renewables industry, conservation organisations and government on these issues.

The Group has representatives from the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Renewables and RSPB Scotland. With over 153 wind farms now operating in Scotland there is a need to learn from existing and ongoing monitoring of birds near wind farms. A range of organisations, including the members of the SWBSG, have a keen interest in the outcome of this monitoring. 

Our Aims
  • Providing an independent, scientific assessment of the impacts of wind farms on birds.
  • Better sharing and dissemination of data across the wind farm industry.
  • Making available better data to inform disturbance distances, avoidance rates and other factors relevant to wind farm Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Quicker and more acurate consenting decisions in future.
  • Reduced investment risk.
  • Providing robust data to inform Environmental Impact Assessments for wind farms in increasingly sensitive locations.
  • Reducing the need for survey work on the assessment on future sites based on an improved understanding of the interaction of wind farms and birds.

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