SWBSG Species Information Dossiers

The following species information dossiers were produced by BTO on behalf of SWBSG:

Methods document - please read prior to using the dossiers

1. Anser brachyrhynchus

2. Anser albifrons flavirostris

3. Tetrao tetrix

4. Gavia stellata

5. Gavia arctica

6. Milvus milvus

7. Haliaeetus albicilla

8. Circus cyaneus - coming soon!

9. Aquila chrysaetos

10. Falco tinnunculus

11. Falco columbarius

12. Falco peregrinus

13. Pluvialis apricaricaria

14. Calidris alpina

15. Gallinago gallinago

16. Numenius arquata

17. Tringa nebularia


SWBSG Commissioned Research

1500:  Modelling Cumulative Impacts of wind farms on birdsReport by BTO for SWBSG. 

1501: A desk based review of the methods used to assess the effects of windfarms on populations of different bird speciesReport by Newcastle University for SWBSG. 

1502: A desk based review of the methods used to assess the effects of windfarms on populations of different bird species. Report by Stirling University for SWBSG.

The Universities of Stirling (report 1502) and Newcastle (report 1501) were both commissioned to devise complementary methodologies to examine this issue in parallel.

1503: A desk based evaluation of windfarms and habitat management in Scotland. Report by Newcastle University for SWBSG. File size 6MB. 

1504: Natural Heritage Zones: Bird Population Assessments. Report by BTO for SWBSG.

1505: Review of cumulative impact assessments in the context of the onshore wind farm industry.  Report by BTO for SWBSG.

1605: Precision and bias of bird fatality estimates from two contrasting carcass detection strategies.  Report by Natural Power Consultants for SWBSG.


 Other  SWBSG Documents

- SWBSG- Data Catalogue template

- SWBSG - Annual Report - 2013-14

- SWBSG - Workshop Notes - Cumulative Impacts

- SWBSG - Workshop Notes - Creating a Good Practice Guide

- SWBSG - Biennial Report: 2011-2013

- SWBSG - Q & A Document

- SWBSG - Onshore Wind Conference presentation


From SWBSG Member organisations:

SNH Guidance on "Wind farm proposals on addorested sites".

This documents This provides advice on measures to limit increased suitability of wind farm sites to hen harrier, merlin and short-eared owl in situations where forestry is being ‘opened up’.  The aim of these measures is to limit any increase in collision risk to these species.  The guidance is most likely to affect wind farm proposals in forestry close to SPAs classified for hen harrier, merlin and short eared owl (Jan 2016). 

Please refer to SNH Website for further details


SNH Guidelines on reccommended bird survey methods to inform impact assessment at onshore windfarms

This document updates guidance first published by SNH in 2005 which had a minor amendments in 2010. It replaces the 2005 document. 

Please refer to SNH Website for further details


SNH:  Guidance on windfarms and birds

SNH:  Bird Collision risk guidance

SNH:  Good practice during windfarm development 

SNH: Onshore wind guidance

Scottish Renewables: Onshore wind  - what you need to know

Scottish Renewables: Renewable energy statistics at a glance

RSPB: The State of Nature


General information

European Breeding Bird Atlas

Wind farms and birds: an updated analysis of the effects of wind farms on birds, and best practice guidance on integrated planning and impact assessment. From the Convention on the conservation of European wildlife and natural habitats


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